Title: Acceleration in Fast Halo CMEs and Synchronized Flare HXR Bursts
Authors: M. Temmer, A. Veronig, B. Vrsnak, J. Rybak, P. Gomory, S. Stoiser, D. Maricic
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Description: We study two well-observed, fast halo CMEs, covering the full CME kinematics including the initiation and impulsive acceleration phase, and their associated flares. We find a close synchronization between the CME acceleration profile and the flare energy release as indicated by the RHESSI hard X-ray flux onsets, as well as peaks occur simultaneously within 5 minutes. These findings indicate a close physical connection between both phenomena and are interpreted in terms of a feedback relationship between the CME dynamics and the reconnection process in the current sheet beneath the CME.
Reference: The Astrophysical Journal 673, L95-L98 (2008)
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