Title: The simulation of the Oort cloud formation
Authors: DYBCZYƃSKI Piotr A., LETO Giuseppe, JAKUBIK Marian, PAULECH Tomas, NESLUSAN Lubos
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Description: The understanding of the origin of cometary reservoirs is very important in developing the detailed unified theory of Solar system formation and evolution. Numerical simulation is the most effective and reliable approach in studying the dynamical evolution of the system, especially of the cometary cloud. In these works, we performed the numerical simulation of evolution of the proto-planetary disk represented by 10038 test particles, the largest number till now. The simulation covered the period of the dynamical evolution for the first two gigayears. Our computational tasks were run in GRID environment and lasted about 5 months on 240 CPUs. We established an international cooperation with other institutes (one from Poland and one from Italy), which was crucial for successful completion of our goal. Among the other interesting results we found the low efficiency in formation of the cometary cloud, the strongly dominant high galactic inclinations of cometary orbits and also the fact, that the comets came to cometary cloud not only from the Uranus-Neptune region, but also from the Jupiter-Saturn region and from the transneptunian region, as well.
Reference: Astronomy and Astrophysics 487, 345-355 (2008); MNRAS 391, 1350-1358 (2008)
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