Title: Mass-loss Rate by the Mira in the Symbiotic Binary V1016 Cygni from Raman Scattering
Authors: Matej Sekeras, Augustin Skopal
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Description: The mass-loss rate from Mira variables represents a key parameter in our understanding of their evolutionary tracks. We introduce a method for determining the mass-loss rate from the Mira component in D-type symbiotic binaries via the Raman scattering on atomic hydrogen in the wind from the giant. Using our method, we investigated Raman HeII λ1025 → λ6545 conversion in the spectrum of the symbiotic Mira V1016 Cyg. We determined its efficiency to 10.2 and 14.8% and using the ionization model of symbiotic stars we determined the corresponding mass-loss rate of 2.0(+0.1/-0.2)×10^{-6} and 2.7(+0.2/-0.1)×10^{-6} solar masses per year from our spectra on 2006 April and 2007 July, respectively. Our values of the mass-loss rate that we derived from Raman scattering are comparable with those obtained independently by other methods. Applying the method to other Mira–white dwarf binary systems can aid us in modelling evolutionary tracks of the cool giants during their late stages of evolution at the asymptotic branch of the H-R diagram.
Reference: The Astrophysical Journal 812,162 (2015)
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